Monday, September 28, 2009

reading problem essay.........

haizzzzzzzz.....................2day consult lecturer been shoot.i show her draft ask her abt what exactly the reading problems she wants, coz the scope is too wide.she saw and rejected it.said me not enough reading.but i have already find a lot of references and did research.all about reading disable and reading not sure she want very specific 1 or just genaral problem.ask her, she not given suggestions or advice but shoot me in front the classmates.what the................this is why i very lazy to find her 1.she really likes to scold class got 19 students.19 of us consult her,she can scold 19 of us 1.@@''

i really hv no idea how to write it.the reading problems i find she said wrong.then how im going to start!due date is 1st of oct. heard my friend said MAYBE can extend.hope really can extend la.if not really dead meat.dunno how to vomit the essay to her.

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