Wednesday, September 30, 2009

blacky wednesday

What a bad day i have today?!!!since morning bad luck until now.this morning during half way of assembly,suddenly rain.get wet when run bck to class.then,when we waiting for lecturer come in, my classmate told us lecturer couldn't enter the class TODAY,because she is busy with something.that English lesson is and my roomate stay in the class until 9sth.we so bored coz got nth to do in the class, so we decided go to college book shop to bind our assignment that need to submit 2day.BUT,during we went for binding our work and submit our work,the English lecturer enter the class.she saw many of us not around the classroom,(she didn't notice me and my mate not around,she just asking: WHERE ARE THE GUYS?)after awhile,the guys have come and she SHOOT them badly. ONE of the guys not happy with the lecturer and talk rudely with the lecturer.he complained the lecturer unfair coz just scold them and no scolding GIRLS (which are my mate and me,because we also not around the class).SHIT MAN! DAMN IT!he makes the lecturer MAD.and lecturer shoot me and my mate badly when we rush bck to the class,no matter how we explain to her why we were late for the class, she also don't want to listen and ask the class monitor to give GERO for me and my mate in the attendance book.WHAT THE!we just only late for 20 minutes.she gave us ZERO.and never hear our explanation at all.keep on saying we are wrong and even said me and mate not the 1st time do other thing during her time.CRAZY OLD WOMAN!since when me and mate do other things during her period????????!!!!!!!!!!!we NEVER and NOT DARE do other thing during her time.because we know she will mad.this is our 1st time,and if not my classmate told us that she won't enter the class today, we also won't go out submit our work on that time.that was so UNLUCKY!!!!!!!!and all the fault is come from that SHIT GUY.if not he make the lecturer fire,maybe me and mate won't be shoot like a dummy dog.

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