Monday, September 28, 2009

science lesson

2day we have science class. this semester,the science is quite fun.1st time,we have learned how to preserve dry specimens.that time every science students busy for catching the insects around.haha!so sensitive with the surrounding.everyday ready plastic.once saw insect,direct catch it ready for preservation.the dry preservation was pair work,me and my roomate is 1 pair.because of the lecturer want fresh specimen,so me and my roomate went walk around our hse area to find insects.we have no insect net,so we use racket to replace it.haha.during catching the insect,thr was a lot of have really long time no catch insects since primary4 or brings me think bck my catching insect skills still thr.i still able to catch dragon flies by using my own hand with any leh?hahaaaaaaaa.......i still remember the scene my roomate very scared of the insects.very funny.

today, we learned new another "old-new" thing.that was abt how to make chemical solution ourselves.i hv learned it during secondary school but forget the procedure already.2day lecturer give us some theories on it to recall bck our prior knowledge,and 2moro only will be hands-on activities.cant wait to do the experiment 2moro.actually science has a lot of funs if we no need to do any paper work.i hate to do assignments,portfolio,reports.............hehehe!

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