Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pak la

2 days ago, my roomate and i went to Pak La Eat House to hv our dinner.thr have many small atap house which we at sit inside to hv our meal.nice feel.but,when we eat our dinner,a pregnant cat suddenly jump to our atap hse,keep on staring on our food.we tried to do some body action ask her go down,but she don't want to move.her eyes never move from our food.got 1 malay girl saw it,use her fun fried to attract the cat,but the cat still don't want to go out,until that malay girl hug the cat down,we only can continue our food.but not more than 5 mins,that cat comes again.the cat went to my right side and i shift my plate to left,then she saw the plate at the left,she also follow to the left.i shift to right,she also follow the plate to the right.@@''im trying to use water chase her down,but she different from other cat.other cat scare water but she not scare at all.=.=ll i got no idea to chase her down,then my mate and i decided faster finished our food and go bck.

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