Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love is difficult

I'm just a simple girl, and i just want someone to love me, care of me, appreciate me. is it that hard to get a simple love??? or am i really that worst?haizz.............damn tired.maybe 1 is better than 2.since that nobody love me,i need to love myself more.

Let go

The things that need to face i've already face it and the things that i should let go, i also let it go.......force and try are meaningless. not going to burden him, not going to be an obstacle of his future career long as he happy....maybe we are love in a wrong timing or maybe wrong person.but seriously i MISS HIM.


There seems like quite a long time i never gather with my primary and secondary school mate. Every Chinese New Year they did organized the gathering event, but i seldom join because of the timing been clashed and i can't manage myself to join them.This week i have a chance to meet up with some of them. Although just 5 of us, but i really appreciate the moment we can together. Everyone have their own life.Most of them start their working life already. but im still studying here. Thats really TOO BAD that I don't know many of them already back hometown and work here although I'll back hometown every week but i Know Nothing!they never contact me and i myself also never contact them.hmmm...........anyways, i will try to contact back my old friends.and if any gathering, i will try my best to join the event.i don't want to miss any gathering event that can gather with them anymore. Because, now i realized the importance of friends. Previously, i live for him, and my world only him, my friends getting less and less. Is time for me to learn live without him, live for myself. Without him, my life still go on.