Wednesday, September 30, 2009

glass cutting

today our science lecturer gv us an extra class to teach us do some glass cutting which is fun to me.

blacky wednesday

What a bad day i have today?!!!since morning bad luck until now.this morning during half way of assembly,suddenly rain.get wet when run bck to class.then,when we waiting for lecturer come in, my classmate told us lecturer couldn't enter the class TODAY,because she is busy with something.that English lesson is and my roomate stay in the class until 9sth.we so bored coz got nth to do in the class, so we decided go to college book shop to bind our assignment that need to submit 2day.BUT,during we went for binding our work and submit our work,the English lecturer enter the class.she saw many of us not around the classroom,(she didn't notice me and my mate not around,she just asking: WHERE ARE THE GUYS?)after awhile,the guys have come and she SHOOT them badly. ONE of the guys not happy with the lecturer and talk rudely with the lecturer.he complained the lecturer unfair coz just scold them and no scolding GIRLS (which are my mate and me,because we also not around the class).SHIT MAN! DAMN IT!he makes the lecturer MAD.and lecturer shoot me and my mate badly when we rush bck to the class,no matter how we explain to her why we were late for the class, she also don't want to listen and ask the class monitor to give GERO for me and my mate in the attendance book.WHAT THE!we just only late for 20 minutes.she gave us ZERO.and never hear our explanation at all.keep on saying we are wrong and even said me and mate not the 1st time do other thing during her time.CRAZY OLD WOMAN!since when me and mate do other things during her period????????!!!!!!!!!!!we NEVER and NOT DARE do other thing during her time.because we know she will mad.this is our 1st time,and if not my classmate told us that she won't enter the class today, we also won't go out submit our work on that time.that was so UNLUCKY!!!!!!!!and all the fault is come from that SHIT GUY.if not he make the lecturer fire,maybe me and mate won't be shoot like a dummy dog.

internet line suck

The internet line really bad, i want do research or skype chat with B also cannot.T_T

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mooncake festival

Just only bck from college.2day,we were invited by super super super juniors to join their mooncake festival event.luckily i went for this event,if not i really miss up this nice event lo.the programs they prepared all very creative and nice.much more better than previous years.all the audiences enjoy the show very much!this new batch juniors have did a great job.we can see their efforts on preparing 2nite event.the singers and artists tonite very professional.teacher not only can teach but also can sing very well and act drama very well neh.congratulation to them because able to carry out the event successfully and thank you them for giving us an unforgettable+great mooncake festival night.

preparing chemical solution

yesterday learned the theory, today we finally can try it out by our own.i took the photos during the process we prepare the chemical group was the 1st group done.coz we went to lab early i know how to prepare a chemical solution from a solid and also know how to dilute the chemical solution from high concentration to low!!

pak la

2 days ago, my roomate and i went to Pak La Eat House to hv our dinner.thr have many small atap house which we at sit inside to hv our meal.nice feel.but,when we eat our dinner,a pregnant cat suddenly jump to our atap hse,keep on staring on our food.we tried to do some body action ask her go down,but she don't want to move.her eyes never move from our 1 malay girl saw it,use her fun fried to attract the cat,but the cat still don't want to go out,until that malay girl hug the cat down,we only can continue our food.but not more than 5 mins,that cat comes again.the cat went to my right side and i shift my plate to left,then she saw the plate at the left,she also follow to the left.i shift to right,she also follow the plate to the right.@@''im trying to use water chase her down,but she different from other cat.other cat scare water but she not scare at all.=.=ll i got no idea to chase her down,then my mate and i decided faster finished our food and go bck.

beautiful lotus

last friday,i fetched my brothers went temple for praying.outside the big door of the temple,they got plant the lotus plant and all the lotus flower open so pretty.i take the chance snap a photo and post it here.really really aunty and my friend also said nice shoot. my roomate thought i download from net.@@''

alcohol drink

This is my 1st time drink alcohol drink.last time i only drink sandy.last thursday my mum suddenly ask wanna try or not.because my house got Heineken.haha....then i tried it lo.i thought i can't drink and will drunk,but out of my expectation.i drink half bottle also no feeling.mayb it too light.Heineken only 5% my body still can stand with it.ah B said wanna train me wor.lolx...

end of the day.....

Now already 12.43am, is time to go bed.Good9 lo.2nite watched some nice video clips.make me laugh non-stop.thx for my friends sharing.


yiiiiiiiiiiiii...............super super geli.just now watch a post video.the girl shitting in the pool.yuckkssssssssss.RUN!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Just now chat with B, he told me his mum miss surprise aunty miss me neh. and she jz bck from china.B told me aunty has bought me a shirt and a special thing wor.WOW!!im so happy that aunty went travel still remember me!his mum so cute la.bought present for all his son's wifes and gf.but non to her sons.haha......i am wondering what is the special thing but that notty B dun wan let me know.bad bad...


Super duper bored!!essay essay and essay!1200 words actually not much for me.but the problems is no point to write.if i got the point i sure can write.keep on thinking the i got 2 reading problems already.left 1 more point then i can finished it very fast.factors and suggestion to solve the problems is easier to get the i not that worry.

Ask me write essay i can only concentrate for maximum 2 hours.but Facebook i can whole really not a good student.T_T

just now 9pm only start try to do my essay but now my eyes so heavy d.feel sleepy.lolx..

get new knowledge

This evening saw a video clip from Facebook. i just only realize that condom very USEFUL on many ways.share the video with all of those never watch before.^o^


There was so many days no rain at Kedah.kedah hoTTTTTT like crazy.and the fan in my room at hostel cannot function.already cannot function for monthly. we got report at office but the worker didn't come temporary use small fan that i borrowed from my granny.everyday like stay in oven.Finally...........................2day rain so heavy.the weather now very good.but my clothes die la.coz can't to use fan dry it.=.=lll


Recently, many of my friends found their partner very happy to know that.because they find some 1 that love and care of them.wish them happy and lovely always.

reading problem essay.........

haizzzzzzzz.....................2day consult lecturer been shoot.i show her draft ask her abt what exactly the reading problems she wants, coz the scope is too wide.she saw and rejected it.said me not enough reading.but i have already find a lot of references and did research.all about reading disable and reading not sure she want very specific 1 or just genaral problem.ask her, she not given suggestions or advice but shoot me in front the classmates.what the................this is why i very lazy to find her 1.she really likes to scold class got 19 students.19 of us consult her,she can scold 19 of us 1.@@''

i really hv no idea how to write it.the reading problems i find she said wrong.then how im going to start!due date is 1st of oct. heard my friend said MAYBE can extend.hope really can extend la.if not really dead meat.dunno how to vomit the essay to her.

facebook kaki

recently really addicted to facebook....................everyday must be facebook like missing puzzle of the bf even jealous on it.say me fb more important than bf.lolx.....................@@''


2day not going out for dinner coz of my,my dinner for tonight is instant mee.........many ppl hate to eat instant mee, like my roomate, but dunno why,i like to eat.although i know that is not good to our health.but im not eat it always.1 week 1 pack,i think still ok.^o^

hungry hungry...............time for my dinner lo.

science lesson

2day we have science class. this semester,the science is quite fun.1st time,we have learned how to preserve dry specimens.that time every science students busy for catching the insects around.haha!so sensitive with the surrounding.everyday ready plastic.once saw insect,direct catch it ready for preservation.the dry preservation was pair work,me and my roomate is 1 pair.because of the lecturer want fresh specimen,so me and my roomate went walk around our hse area to find insects.we have no insect net,so we use racket to replace it.haha.during catching the insect,thr was a lot of have really long time no catch insects since primary4 or brings me think bck my catching insect skills still thr.i still able to catch dragon flies by using my own hand with any leh?hahaaaaaaaa.......i still remember the scene my roomate very scared of the insects.very funny.

today, we learned new another "old-new" thing.that was abt how to make chemical solution ourselves.i hv learned it during secondary school but forget the procedure already.2day lecturer give us some theories on it to recall bck our prior knowledge,and 2moro only will be hands-on activities.cant wait to do the experiment 2moro.actually science has a lot of funs if we no need to do any paper work.i hate to do assignments,portfolio,reports.............hehehe!

selina is back!

since last year, i have a long long time didn't write a blog already.last time i always write sth on my friendster blog.write down everything abt me in my is free for me because i can write anything that i want is a way for me to express jz like a diary.but i have leave it so long nvr sign in to my blog world because too busy of my school work.a lot of things i need to settle,make me no time to write a by day,i nearly forget how to write a blog.i will re-start it because i saw my dear dear,who nvr write blog also create his own blog.haha!i will no longer use friendster blog,i will start my new world at blogspot here.^o^