Thursday, May 27, 2010


Recently i feel like my sky turns to be grey in colour. A lot of things happened on me. I feel hurt, pain, sad, disappointed, helpless......I always cry when nobody around. Nobody know somethings wrong with me because i act like nothing in front of them. I keep everything in the depth of my heart~ ALONE.because i don't want to let them know. I don't want them to worry about me and nothing they can help me actually, so what for I tell them about it? Everyday when i'm alone, the sadness will recalled in my mind, then the tears will be automatically drop down. Especially during night time. Day time i tried to make myself busy, do my work,housework,watch tv, online-ing so that i have no time to think about it. I feel like im dead meat. I live without soul. my soul is gone. Sometimes really feel alive is meaningless......exam week also no mood to study. open my notes, eyes on the words but I can't concentrate on study.

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