Thursday, May 27, 2010

IPDA sucksss

IPDA HEP really sucksss........the rules so tight!! from maktab upgrade to institute, want to be like university standard, but they treat us just like treat the primary and secondary students. this cannot that cannot. no class also cannot back earlier. the guards will wait at the door block us, request stupid borang kuning. then HEP sikit-sikit take out akta 174, like to give warning letter. then organize the programs will force us to attend.attendance will take if not AKTA 174!!!!!!!again again and again!!hate to hear that!Now we have already done our exam, but we are not allow to back, because they have set one week of programs that want us to attend. and those programs are meaningless and wasting of time! why they need suffer themselves and suffer us?

Car if parking at wrong place will kena SAMAN. lock the car tire. if u want to get back ur car, alot of procedures u have to follow.1st,you need to go HEP give your licence and IC then they will write u a SAMAN. 2nd, you have to take the saman to Unit kewangan which is at another building to pay the saman. 3rd, you have to take the receipt to the guard house, show it to the duty guard,he only will unlock your car. 4th, you need to back to HEP get back your licence and IC and you will given a surat amaran.@@''

At first we thought that our convocation will organize at Nilai, KL. but our dream are gone!! because the lecturers told us will remain organize at IPDA. shit!!!!!!have to back to ipda convo. sienzzzzzzzz.......

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