Sunday, January 10, 2010

Year 2010

Time pass very 6 weeks holidays end and school reopened for week no 2 already.i had my best holiday last year that i ever have because i spent almost 16 days of my holidays with my beloved darling.i have a lot of sweet memories during that holiday.know more about his family, his friends and have learnt to play mahjung from his family.hahaha!finally i know how to play mahjung d.

Step into year 2010,a brand new year. kedah maju 2010??? i can't see any changes in kedah.means kedah failed to achieved the target?haizzz.......kedah ar kedah, when u only can develop as PENANG?

i have just past my 23 years old birthday last week.i can't imagine im already 23 years old.18 years old leave me far far away. 23 years old birthday was the most unforgettable birthday for me because 1st time my classmates sing birthday song to me in the class, 1st time got so many course mates celebrate my birthday with me. touching touching! thanks for give me such memorable birthday.

During my birthday,i had make some wishes (greedy me,hehe!), 2 of my wishes has come true,which are i get a not bad result last semester examination and my supervisor for my practical training later not Pn Ranjani nor Miss Kalyani.hahahah!lucky me~then my 3rd wish for my birthday is going to become true very soon. Just the 4rd wish which is the last and also the most important wish among the wishes haven't come true yet.pray pray,god bless me, let the wish come true.

This semester syllabus very pack.we need to rush the syllabus before go for the training. although we are only have 2 subjects, but everyday have so many hours class have to attend. everyday have to see the same lecturer face,BORED!!!especially the Bimbingan dan Kaunseling. I personally not really like this lecturer, because she quite racist! keep on take us as example in the class. she great in playing with the sentences, which is shooting us actually. don't like her but 1 week have to see her face 9 hours.@@''

31st of Jan will start my 3 months of tension, worry, anxious, panic when thinking of need to teach English subject for this semester. i know my own standard and level.i have poor English level, i scared im not able to teach well, cannot achieved what the lecturer want.last semester have an assignment which need us write lesson plan for English lesson, i already spend a lot of times to write A lesson plan, when training, every lesson hv to write lesson plan, OMG!!!! can i make it??? so far until now im still not clear in writing English lesson plan, science lesson plan got no more problem, but English is troublesome for me......wish myself good luck!

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  1. Jia You2!!
    i'm scared to teach English too..~~
    because we didn't learnt English that much!!right..?!!
    I don't like having the same classes every single day too~~