Friday, October 2, 2009

boring friday

today is a boring friday. went granny hse also have to bring my laptop to rush my assignment.but at granny house always no mood to do homework.most of the time,i bring my books and laptop bck home from thursday to saturday, only saturday after lunch around 3pm only can do my work. thursday and friday can't do my work at ALL!but saturday 6pm i got to get ready bck hostel already. so actually the time i really do my assignment not more than 3 too bad.=.=lll

friday night like missing something.mayb is ah B not on the line.went celebrate jax's birthday at club. i think he should be enjoying the clubbing now.he leave me missing him here but he enjoying over there.B,i miss u so much!!!!miss ur voice neh.T_T

hope he dun "PLAY PLAY" over thr.if not i cut cut cut!!lolx.....

2moro night is mooncake hostel thr got celebrate.they will have BBQ and steamboat.invite around 40 juniors come to our hse.but im not going to join the party.because when i bck hostel,the party ady start half fun if join half way.and TOO MUCH peoples d. don't think can really enjoy it and don't think can really have space for me to sit down and eat.i don't know how my hse gonna fix 50 sth peoples 2moro.over crowded.maybe when i bck hostel, want find a space to walk also hard.@@'' but i hope they enjoy the party 2moro la even though i did't join them.

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